Art, language, and politics.

Douglas Murray’s ‘The Madness of Crowds’ promises to exorcise the spectre of woke, but ultimately leaves many issues untouched.

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Published in the early months of the Johnson government, ‘The Madness of Crowds’ reads now like a survey of lines of trenches and barbed wire on the eve of the culture war. Its author, Douglas Murray, is conscious of this. He describes the book as performing the same function as…

Unable to find a substitute for Europe, Boris Johnson’s government is attacking ‘woke academics’ and the ‘leftist media’.

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These first months of 2021 will be remembered as the time when the ‘culture wars’ began in earnest. There were, of course, a smattering of salvos fired in 2020: a concocted scuffle over singing the anthem at the Proms, the skirmish over whether the National Trust should be more open…

We are obsessed with shadowy advisors and sinister agents. Here’s why that’s bad.

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It took two bullets, two glasses of poison and the Malaya Nevka River to kill Grigori Rasputin. His killers, the most eminent of whom was Prince Felix Yusupov, were convinced that the man they had murdered was the dark hand behind the Russian throne. They were right. For years, the…

Democracy is still in trouble, though

This is a (long) response to an article by Johan Norberg, published by the Spectator. You can find it here:

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The first years of the 21st century marked the end of history. As the fog of the Cold War rolled back into the collective memory, it seemed to many…


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